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About Us

Where vintage and modern meet. Live Boho has everything you need for an eclectic mix of art, furnishings, lighting and curiosities as well as new lines.

"Falling 'down the rabbit hole' isn’t always a completely positive thing – just ask Alice about some of the craziness she endured in Wonderland – but here, it is nothing but good. Wide-eyed as soon as you enter Live Boho, located off 23rd Street. you feel like you have fallen into someplace special, plus you can definitely get a little lost as you wind through the store, since everything is something you want to stop and focus on. One particular thing might catch your eye first, but then, if you are patient, you’ll see there is definitely more … not a single foot of space is wasted in this delight of a store."   -405 Magazine


Shipping & Returns

All shipping is included in our pricing.

Each designer has different return policies. Please refer to each items return 
policy for details.

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